Haemoglobin Digital Machine Personal Health Care Automatic Hemoglobin Monitor

Blood Haemoglobin Analysis Meter is a medical device to test Haemoglobin in Human body or animals.Hemoglobin concentration is one of the routine blood tests, and its main clinical use is for the identification and diagnosis of anemia and erythropoietic disorders. The hemoglobin concentration is often parallel to the red blood cell count, and the clinical significance of the two is basically the same. In healthy people, the hemoglobin concentration is highest at 8:00 a.m. and lowest at 8:00 p.m.; it is higher in heavy smokers; and it is slightly lower in children, elderly and pregnant women.Hemoglobin measurement is a better indicator of the degree of anemia than red blood cell count. Once anemia is determined, further investigation of the cause is needed, such as iron deficiency, bone marrow disorders and diseases affecting the bone marrow, such as cancer, hereditary enzyme defects, acute and chronic blood loss, hemolytic diseases, etc.


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Product Specification

  • Rapid test: Test result in 15 seconds
  • Rechargeable:Built-in 1200mAh Li-ion battery and support long endurance
  • Bluetooth: Use bluetooth to sync data with phone and bluetooth printer conveniently
  • Mobile application: Easy management on phone Apps
  1. Methodology:Reflectance photometer
  2. Measurement range: HB 4.5-25.6g/DL,45-256g/DL,2.8-15.9 mmol/l
  3. Specimen: Whole blood
  4. Power Source:1200mAh built-in lithium battery
  5. Battery endurance: After cycle charge 300 times electirc quantity reduce 30%
  6. Units of measurement:g/dl,g/l,mmol/l
  7. Memory:800 records
  8. Automatic shut off:5 mins after last use
  9. Meter size:136*65*25mm
  10. Weight:90g
  11. Meter storage conditions:0-55℃;≤90%RH
  12. System operating conditions:0-55℃;≤90%RH;altitude<2000m
  13. Test strip storage conditions:2-30℃,≤90%RH
  14. Warranaty period:2years
  15. Meter shelf life:4years
  16. Test strip shelf life:2years

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