Hangzhou Lysun Economic Portable Blood Glucose Meter Glucometer Diabetes Sugar Level Test

A blood glucose meter is an electronic instrument that measures blood glucose levels.For most people with diabetes, it is enough to accurately measure blood sugar with a blood glucose meter and record the results. Therefore, diabetic patients with general economic conditions are still mainly practical, and it is more appropriate to choose an economical blood glucose meter.

Hangzhou Lysun Blood sugar monitor measures the current and converts the measurement to the amount of glucose in the blood. Blood Sugar Monitor is designed with a gold electrode enhancing accuracy and reliability. Glucose in the blood sample mixed with a reagent on the test strip causes a small electric current. The amount of current created depends on how much glucose is in the blood. The blood glucose result is displayed on the meter’s LCD display. By touching a drop of blood to the tip of the Blood Glucose Test Strip, the reaction of the strip chamber automatically draws the blood into the strip through capillary action. When the chamber is full, Blood Glucose Meter starts to measure the blood glucose level. It is a simple and practical system for the daily monitoring of the blood glucose level.


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Product Specification

  • Rapid test: Test Result in 5 seconds
  • Code:with Code/Without Code
  • Easy operation:Automatic Strip Ejection
  • Intelligent data:Independent statistics before and after meals
  1. Methodology:Electrochemistry method
  2. Measurement range: Glu 20-600mg/dL(1.1-33.3mmol/L)
  3. Specimen: Fresh capillary or venous whole blood
  4. Power source:3.0v CR2032 Lithium battery
  5. Battery endurance:About 1000 tests
  6. Units of measurement: mg/dL, mmol/L
  7. Memory:200 records
  8. Automatic shut off: 1 min after displaying results
  9. Meter size:84.7*52*18mm
  10. Weight:50g
  11. Meter storage conditons:0-55℃;≤90%RH
  12. System operating conditons:8-37℃,0-90%RH,altitude 3000m
  13. Test strip storage conditons:10-30℃
  14. Warranty period:2 years
  15. Meter shelf life:5 years
  16. Test strip shelf life:2 years

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