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LYSUN Renal function Analyzer is a medical device that can test Uric Acid Creatinine Urea in home.Renal function refers to the function of the kidneys in excreting metabolic wastes in the body, maintaining the stability of electrolytes such as sodium, potassium and calcium and acid-base balance. Renal function tests include blood creatinine, blood urea nitrogen, blood and urine β2-microglobulin, urine albumin, urine immunoglobulin G, urine secretory immunoglobulin A, etc.



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Product Specification

  •  Model:RFM-101
  • Analysis item: UA CR UR
  • Rapid test: Test result in 5 mins
  • Mircro Specimen: 35ul of whole blood
  1. Methodology:Reflectance photometer
  2. Measurement range: UA:0.090-1200mmol/L,CR:0.044-1320mmol/L,UR:0.90-40.00mmol/L
  3. Specimen: Whole blood
  4. Units of measurement:mg/dl,mmol/l
  5. Memory:500 records
  6. Automatic shut off:5 mins after last use
  7. Meter size:135*66*19mm
  8. Weight:90g
  9. Meter storage conditions:0-55℃;≤90%RH
  10. System operating conditions:0-55℃;≤90%RH;
  11. Test strip storage conditions:2-30℃,≤90%RH
  12. Warranaty period:2years
  13. Meter shelf life:4years
  14. Test strip shelf life:1years

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