Multifunction Analysis Meter Hangzhou Lysun Blood Glucose Uric Acid Monitor

A blood glucose meter is an electronic instrument that measures blood glucose levels.For most people with diabetes, it is enough to accurately measure blood sugar with a blood glucose meter and record the results. Therefore, diabetic patients with general economic conditions are still mainly practical, and it is more appropriate to choose an economical blood glucose meter.

If uric acid is not normal and high uric acid occurs, it means that the patient may have kidney problems or a gout condition, so people must pay attention to their uric acid, it is important to have regular uric acid checks, and also to keep uric acid within the normal range. The physiological significance of human uric acid is mainly to maintain blood pressure, improve intelligence, antioxidant stress, etc. This substance will have a very good protective effect on the brain and nervous system, and also help people maintain normal blood pressure, so people must pay attention to the regulation of uric acid, if uric acid is relatively high, or what abnormal situation, you should use the correct and effective way to regulate, and usually also need to The actual fact is that it is important to eat more fruits and vegetables and keep your diet light, not always eating things that are not good for your body, especially foods that may cause high uric acid.


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Product Specification

  • Rapid test:Glu is 5 seconds,UA in 30 seconds
  • Easy operation: automatic strip ejection
  • Intelligent data:Independent statistics with glucose and uric acid
  • Intelligent recognition: Automatically regognize different test item
  1. Methodology: Electrochemistry method
  2. Measurement range: Glu:20-600mg/DL(1.1-33.3mmol/L;UA 3-20mg/DL(179-1190umol/L)
  3. Specimen: Fresh capillary or venous whole blood
  4. Power source: one 3.0V lithium battery
  5. Units of measurement:mmol/l,mg/dl,umol/l
  6. Memory:Glu 50 seconds;UA 50 seconds
  7. Automatic shut off: 1min after displaying results
  8. Meter size:84.7*52*18mm
  9. Weight:50g
  10. Meter storage conditions:0-55℃;≤90%RH
  11. System operating conditions:8-37℃;0-90%RH;altitude 3000m
  12. Test strip storage conditons:10-30℃
  13. Warranty period:2 years
  14. Meter shelf life:5 years
  15. Test strip shelf life:2 years


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